"This was the first play I have ever seen. Seeing it changed my outlook on my future. The story let me see how important education is. I now understand from this play that it would be a lot better for me to go to college."


  • -Desiray H., student
  • Roosevelt High School, East Los Angeles

"The Geffen was a total highlight of our year – every time we went! One of those things kids will always remember and talk about and will inform what they do next. Thanks again."

  • -Brendan Schallert, Principal
  • Roosevelt Academy of Environmental & Social Policy, East Los Angeles

"The play touched on a number of human qualities like pride, true love, understanding, empathy and change. The play left me with two questions: what makes a person a good person? And can a person really change their life?"

  • -Jasper F., 12th grade student
  • Westchester High School, Westchester

In partnership with the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, we engage underserved high school students from five of the lowest performing high schools in Los Angeles in a season-long program that blends theater arts learning with English Language Arts learning. Profoundly disadvantaged youth gain access to year-round opportunities to experience world-class live theater on the main stage at the Geffen, interact with actors, directors and other Geffen artists, and respond to their experiences through writing and theater workshops. Students work with Geffen Playhouse Teaching Artists in pre-show sessions, which prepare the students to attend each play, use thought-provoking Study Guides that amplify themes and topics from the plays and participate in creative activities that help students access and express their voices.

  • Deepen students' knowledge and appreciation of theater
  • Help them access and communicate their ideas
  • Develop their literacy skills

High school students who participated in the High School Partnerships Program in 2012-2013 completed pre- and post-show surveys to measure student outcomes and also submitted testimonial letters to share with us the impact the Geffen plays had on them throughout the season.


  • 100% of students reported that before coming to the Geffen, they attended plays less than two times per year.
  • 78% had little to no knowledge of theater before coming to the Geffen.
  • 82% increased their insight and knowledge of theater after seeing a play at the Geffen.
  • 82% felt significantly inspired after seeing a play at the Geffen.
  • 67% felt motivated to take action or make a change after seeing a play at the Geffen.
  • 83% felt the plays would have a long-term impact on them.